During the voyage

Here you'll find some practical information about your stay on board the ferry.

About the ferries

The Læsø ferry offers a pleasant crossing between Frederikshavn and Læsø with several daily departures.

Our main ferry is Margrete Læsø, which is well equipped, takes approx. 75 cars and 500 passengers and offers both a bistro with good food, cozy salons, conference room, children's room, TV room, wireless wifi, quiet section and 2 salons where dogs are welcome. In high season, Margrete is helped by Ane Læsø, a slightly older and smaller model, but still capable of solving the task.


Disability conditions

For travelers with a disability or other challenges that require special considerations, we have gathered some information about the conditions and how we can help.

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Læsøfærgen's bistro is open on all departures and welcomes you on board with both hot dishes and cold dishes - often with local ingredients.

For the early risers, there are rolls, and later in the day we offer smørrebrød, sandwiches, salads and hot dishes to order: everything from burgers and kabab mixes to plaice fillets from the local fishmonger.

In addition, we offer both cold and hot drinks and some delicious pastry for the sweet tooth, as well as, of course, a wide selection of newsagents, newspapers and magazines.

We also carry, depending on the season, a selection of local products.

Bistro   anretning


Your pets can of course also come with the Læsø ferry.

If you are in a car, you can advantageously let your pet stay in the car during the crossing. It is often the place on the ferry where it is the most quiet and also the coolest.

If your pet is most comfortable staying with you, you can be in the areas where we have marked the places with "pets allowed".

Pets are not allowed on the seats.

We recommend that dogs are kept on a short leash and that cats and other pets are transported in a transport box.

The areas connected to the bistro are reserved for dining guests, and for hygienic reasons and consideration for allergy sufferers, the areas here are prohibited for pets.

There are water bowls in the ferries' hall area.

If your pet needs to be aired during the crossing, this can take place on the weather deck, but of course we expect you to collect any debris and throw the bag in the outdoor bin.

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