Price list incl. timetable

You can find Læsøfærgen's price list as a pdf in the link below.

The price list is divided into vehicles, pedestrians, businesses and quite a few more, and then there are only two price groups; Standard prices and a special group for island travelers.

Please note that all prices are one way tickets.

Download the price list as a pdf >

Tickets and booking

Tickets are bought online with a payment card. Your ticket will be sent by email when your purchase has been confirmed on the screen.

It is always possible to change or cancel a booking up to 20 minutes before departure. You can change via the link you get with the booking confirmation, or you can click here.

Island tickets

Læsø Municipality offers permanent residents, young people from Læsø under the age of 25, holiday home owners and commuters an Ø card, which gives private individuals access to a discount.

Permanent residents, young people from Læsø and holiday home owners with an Ø card have the opportunity to travel on Ø tickets at a special Ø price.

About Island tickets >

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